I Love eating. Think food is a big part of me, of who I’ve become. I come from Peru, a cute and warm country that has a little bit of everything (or at least I think so!), Lived there almost 30 years and  still have so much to discover yet.  A country where the biodiversity allows you to eat the freshest fruits and vegetables, eat quality and delicious food whether you are just walking in the street (al paso food), in market’s restaurants or even in ranked top 10 best restaurants in the world.

So, growing up in this atmosphere made me fall in love with the gastronomy of my country and encouraged me to get involved with the creative process of food making and experimenting at home was certainly one of my favorite things to do (and then eat the whole creative process thing as well!)

What can I say about me? Well, I’m a Peruvian Nikkei (have Japanese ascendance) but was always called Chinese (in Peru, no matter where your roots are from , if you are Asian, you are Chinese, period). I’m the 5th of 6 siblings  (I know, this marvelous country didn’t have cable TV nor did have DVD rentals when I was young) and until around 11 years old I was a picky eater! I could stay 2 hours in front of a plate and just prayed for a miracle and suddenly get magic powers to vanish this yakky thing I had in front of me, or maybe just waited until one of my brothers passed by so he could eat some of the food! . But then I started liking eating , way too much I guess , and here I am.

I studied food process engineer in Peru and worked in different areas and companies (Quality control, R&D, Audits, etc.) and even built with a friend, our own company of natural yogurt parfaits (really delicious by the way).  My last job was in a company that produced Peruvian organic superfoods and I really liked it. It went along with my beliefs and I was proud to help spread out some of the wonders of my country . More important, I realized how food trends are changing , how people are learning more, getting informed and care more about healthy eating.  I also advised people on their eating behaviors as an independent consultant, which was a great experience and got me hooked in how to improve our habits to get healthier and better eating, not for a short-term goal (usually, people just modify their diet to lose weight or when they suffer from certain disease) but for learning how to eat well, and actually enjoy it as a way of living.

What am I doing now? I’m currently living in Fukuoka, Japan. Doing my master in the food analysis laboratory from the food science specialty. I’m researching the beneficial impact of some food components on life style related diseases, more specifically in one of the most upraising health problems of this century: Diabetes.

I’ve lived shortly in different countries besides Peru ( Singapore, USA, Japan) where I had to cook from scratch and adapt to the supplies variety, budget, kitchen size (Micro kitchens in Japan are one of the most difficult things for me when it comes to cook. As my Bf says, I like to use every single pan in the house and need my own space (^^¡), or else I will kill someone). So, I think it is possible to cook healthy meals within a budget and time restriction!! When there is will there is a way!


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