Peruvian food


How much do you know about Peruvian food and drinks? I will introduce here some of the most famous, traditional and beloved dishes, we Peruvians, enjoy the most. Its no secret that we are very proud of our gastronomical legacy! I’ll try to mention background, some ingredients used and other curious facts about them.



Here I will explain how to make some of the Peruvian dishes I’ve tried and some that are not really Peruvian but still popular in Peru. Peruvian food has been influenced by so many different cultures and it’s rich because of it. Not only a multicultural influence makes our food great, but we’ve also been blessed with an extraordinary biodiversity that allows us to use a broad and diverse range of ingredients, making this food so rich and valuable.  Worldwide, Peruvian cuisine has been gaining recognition (having 3 restaurants in the list of the 50 Best Restaurants in the world for the last few years is an indicator of the up and coming quality of Peruvian gastronomy ).  I’d love you to try to make them as well and tell me what you think. If there’s a problem finding the ingredients I’d love to hear how you replaced them with something else! As I mentioned before, the sky is the limit and you can also create your own version inspired by a food you like!


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