Vegan recipes & healthier remakes

I started trying to cook vegan food (which I’ve never thought I would). The truth is, that I saw a documentary called “What the Health” on Netflix.  It impacted me big time. I guess sometimes we don’t get to stop and think about where our food comes from, how is it processed or even how the animals are fed, raised or even how they are sacrificed.  I saw the ugly truth of food processing in the U.S. (another eye-opener is Food inc. worth watching by the way) and got a little scared. It’s true that the reality in every country is different but when providing food becomes an unscrupulous business, we have to halt it and stand strong against it.  Not only against inhumane treatment of animals, but we should demand as consumers to be provided with quality food, that will nurture us instead of making us sick. Anyway, this might be a long post in itself, so I will leave it for later.  I will still eat animal-sourced food if I have to, but will try to cook as much as possible only plant-based foods.  It’s a big challenge to leave meat, dairy, poultry and eggs, among others, but I guess there’s always a way to make great and tasty food without leaving proteins aside. I do believe little changes make a difference, so why not giving it a try?

This section will also show how to prepare healthier versions of some dishes. All proposals and suggestions are more than welcome! There’s always (or almost always) a way of making the most of our favorite foods without losing the flavor!



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