Talking about “Superfoods”, there’s no doubt they have become a trending topic lately. There are so many contrasting opinions, including those who avidly support their benefits and those who are more skeptical. Personally, I believe they are an amazing must have element in our daily diet. So, I will try to introduce them little by little here.

Superfoods are commonly defined as foods that, in their natural state (meaning that there has been no addition of additives or they have supplemented in any way), possess high levels of bioactive compounds such as vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, essential oils, among others components that might be beneficial to maintain or improve our health condition.  Although there is no official list of superfoods in the world,  we’ve already included many in our daily regime because of their known health benefits. Salmon, olive oil, kiwi, pro and prebiotics,  are just a few examples.

I think it’s a great option to fill our daily meals with not only one, but plenty of them. We have to know they are natural products, not medicine. Which means eating one or two of them won’t keep us safe from all the chronic diseases or make us the healthiest people in the world. The good news is, however, making them a part of our daily consumption might help prevent lifestyle related diseases. As the spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association (BDA), Alison Hornby said: “No food, including those labeled ‘superfoods’, can compensate for unhealthy eating”. And so, we must learn how to make healthier choices and how to combine food to make the most of our meals.

In this section I will talk about different superfoods and some of their properties (Starting with some I worked with and know well, Peruvian superfoods).  Feel free to comment or suggest which specific ones you would like me to talk about next time!



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